Born David Danger Davidson yet quickly nicknamed “Davo” at the ripe age of thirty-minutes-old, the boy has forever been a noisy, belligerent bastard.

He failed high school and was banned from his Standard English class in Year 12 for calling Shakespeare a “frilly gay cunt”. This shouldn’t have been surprising really; his first word was “cunt” and it’s been his favourite ever since, whether being used affectionately for his best mates, Mitch and Chuck Beans, or being yelled out the window of his Ford Falcon ute at every other driver on the road.

Now 22-years-old and miserably working as a chippie on jobsites that don’t pass on any WHS requirements, he’s mostly always stoned and more than a little drunk. Guess that’s what happens when your life motto is, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time, cunt.”